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Our Training Day

We offer a specialised training day targeted to people wanting to get into the property market. The day consists of five modules that we feel breaks it down in the simplest possible way to change the way property education is taught.
Module One: The basics of what you need to buy a house
- Credit report and keeping on top of your credit score
- Salary and minimum income
- Finding the right contacts
- Forming a company
Module Two: Finding A Property
- Leaning how to use Rightmove and how to narrow down your search
- How to work the numbers
- The process of purchasing a house from start to finish
- Knowing where to start your offer
- Dealing with estate agents and getting offers accepted
Module Three: Funding, Finances and Mortgages
- Different types of mortgages and funding
- Investors and joint ventures
- Finding the right investors
- The cost of buying a house
Module Four: Buy, Refurbish, Refinance/Flip
- The process of refurbishing and what is involved
- The cost of refurbishing
- The process of refinancing
- The process of flipping a property
Module Five: Deal Sourcing and Compliance
- Compliance and legalities of deal sourcing
- How to earn money from deal sourcing
- How to package a deal
- Building your contact list of investors
We then finish the day off with an hour long question and answer. During the question and answer we go into detail of the next steps best suited to each individual person.